Saturday Writing Update – 22/07/17

Just posted a poem I’ve worked on for the week: Argument With Old Man. I’ll expand upon it briefly here.  


There are two characters in this poem. The first is the man and the second is his old self. If you have heard some Reformed Baptist sermons then you might be familiar with this old man term. Basically it refers to who we used to be before we were saved by Christ. So we have an argument here between the man (who is seeking a Godly life), and the old man (who is his old self, his old ideals, his past troubles, and who still rears his head at moments). This old man uses poor logic that tempts on feelings and the here and now, rather than sound truth for reason and the next life. He calls for a relaxing of duty, no sensible conflict resolution, and argues for entire release from work. In the final verse, man rejects this affront to truth and stands on his given principles rather than setting himself as an authority. 

That’s the base of it! For the coming week I’m going to try something. I am going to promise a poem a day at 17:00. We’ll see if that accountability can hold me in check. It might call a return to my Scriptura Picturae series which proved useful. The week after I may reduce myself to two poems, but they will be more substantial – one may become a longer running feature as with Mye: The World Elsewhere.   

For The Elephant & The Nun and my short stories I am still writing away and am almost onto drafting Chapter Four – Hal Leaves Penance, and am coming to interesting points in each of: There Was A Wall; Eines Deutschen Kanada; Mrs Tam’s Daughter Goes To School. So we have those to look forward to! 

Argument With Old Man – Poem

A post! At the last possible moment! At last a post!

I’ve worked on this poem from Friday to Friday, and here it finally is. I hope you enjoy it, and that you see its meaning.

Argument With Old Man

Argue on a difference?
To what end?
That rifts open before her,
My best friend?
And burdens untethered slide
The abyss,
Released from our care and grasp?
Is it this
That you suggest, Carnal Mind?

Once fires dwindle down uou can
Care some less –
Is that not peace in its kind?
Hang your dress,
Your colourful pretending
Weighs you down
And keeps greys from growing love.
Seeds aren’t sown,
Wildflowers never tended.

Please, keep those persuasive words,
They are lies,
And I need no misguidance
In these times.
Surely, I should keep a strength?
Be helpful?
Why grow away from gardens
Which serve all?

Then let the rains drown your flame.
Know this well,
It is your path to failing
And to Hell!
Destroy your precious flower
For careless
Stamping in search of repair –
Ne’er see success!

Mind, if your curse sees me walk
Narrow paths
Then I’ll run; your mistake’s clear.
Keeping masks
Of control and privacy
Close at hand
Preserves preferred time to talk.

Saturday Writing Update – 15/07/17

Coming close to 22:00 and here is the final post of the week. Hope you enjoyed my Haikus as much as I did writing them.

Good news! I have a competed draft of Chapter One for The Elephant & The Nun and I will be sharing the first ~250 words or so with you all next week, so please give copious amounts of critical feedback! And you’re always welcome to a copy of the whole drafted chapter to read.

Short stories are progressing, two in the works and they should both be drafted by the end of July, along with a third being worked on at the start of August. 

Poems are good and have a few finished for posting, but Fables, Depths, and Heights has stalled somewhat I’m afraid. Chasing time to scrap into it. Probably print out a copy on to paper and scribble all over it as previously done. Also considering redoing poems from A Travelling Man, or simply grouping my favourites into one set. We’ll see where the whim blows me.

Artitus and I, To Canada – Poem

As you who follow this blog you know I’ve been away in Canada these past six weeks. It’s been quite the adventure, and I learnt a lot about where I was, what we did, and the usual discovering yourself thing (only by keeping a journal and reflecting – nothing farfetched). I did keep my writing up during this time though mainly focused on a journal (as mentioned) and planning my first “novel?”.

To keep things short and sweet, I’m back and here is a poem I wrote on the flight over. There’s more to come in the weeks ahead.

It’s good to be back!

Artitus and I, To Canada

Our mum’d be proud of mash-clouds
Hung on mobiles tied to blue,
Which shade the ships and each mound
Of land ‘neath our spreading view.

Altitude-chocolate gone,
Artitus takes up the pen
Records journeys out of home
And she makes her notes of when.

Our mum’d be proud of her two
Taking off across the sea,
Knowing fears affect on you –
Ne’er mind what it does to me!

Artitus jots down her hues;
On adventure now begun
Above mountains she’ll now use
To fuel her creative sun.

Our mum’d be proud to show
To the thousandth passerby,
“Look at Artitus’ bliss,
Them holding hands, makes me cry!”

Been a journey all to here:
Greenland, Calgary, land sore.
Now counting nears our first year
Pray we seek to take in more.

Please give feedback on any of my work, no matter what your thoughts. I’m a growing writer and must learn!

Saturday Writing Update Р06/05/2017 

Hope you’re all well. I have kept up with posting quite well this week, but I feel my writing has been quite slow over all. This Monday my wife and I are flying off to Canada, and I’m not sure what it’ll be like for writing and posting time, so best not to expect much. I’ll see what I can do.

In the meantime, please enjoy my most recently posted short story: Lucy’s Room

Have a blessed Sunday all.

Saturday Writing Update 29/04/2017

Hope this finds you well, been foolishly slow with the writing, but in good news I have been accepted on to a HE Teacher Training Course, so I’m very much looking forward to that!

There will be a short story coming mighty soon, and an extra one in May I think. 

On 8th May my wife and I are flying out to Canada for 6 weeks! It’s going to be amazing. We’ll be going to a ranch in Central Canada to ride horses and learn a few things first, and then over to some relatives in Vancouver for an adventure around there. Planning to either have cover for poetry to be posted, or continue writing and posting from over there. Either way it can’t be much more inconsistent than what you suffer normally – apologies!

Saturday Writing Update – 22/04/2017

Feeling that this writing-based-on-photo (must be a better term for it than that; in fact, there may be but this will have to do for now: Scribo Picturae¬†– I’ve put “writing a picture” through a Latin Google translate) lark had been going well I set myself the task of doing it one last time before the weekend, and then I went and got all sick – lovely. Not so distastrous as it could have been, but a few things have been missed or passed over; which is, naturally, frustrating. But ahva.

Fables, Depths, and Heights remains untouched I’m afraid – purely my own fault, not turning blame on to an illness for that one. The Elephant and The Nun is slowly forming in my mind and slowly on the paper also – satisfactory overall but no more than that. The next short story will either be Lucy’s Room, There Was A Wall, or Bacon and Eggs and Sausages (working title. Also why is bacon singular and plural when sausage has sausages to grow into?).

There may be a poem before midnight, if not you’ll see it Monday! Have a blessed Sunday all.