A Consolation Prize. A Story.

Story down below When the 363 turns from Underhill Road onto Melford Road, people should be applauded for reaching their seat.  Just scanned the old Oyster with almost a foot on the stairs, and the brakes slam. You make sure you stay upright by sacrificing your shoulder to the wall. You race up the stairs … Continue reading A Consolation Prize. A Story.


Literary Psychoanalysis and Untitled Flash Fiction

There's flash fiction down below. Bussing to a definitely open college and a due date with my draft assignment. The traffic is usual for Old Kent Road, an average of 5 cars per 30 square-metres, with a rate of flow of 13 ms-1. Quite pessimistic this morning, wearing a scarf, but it's getting warmer from … Continue reading Literary Psychoanalysis and Untitled Flash Fiction