Come, Shield and Charger – Poem

Come, Shield and Charger

Set yourself to steel; a shield is needed
And we can have no spike against the hand,
No weakness to bring harm to the bearer,
Or Death will have a merry feast this war.
Your troop is doubting, and are they correct?
Come, Charger – leader of the family – ,
It is time to ride to battle, and prove
That, though with faltered step, you lead with love.

Given Chance – Poem

Single verse about education and different learning approaches taken up by different people.

Given Chance

Perveying the bookland battlefield
Brings to a General reaction:
The Napoleonic conqueror;
Xanderian commanding faction;
Montgomery; one Gilgamesh;
We all have ways to fight through this mess.

Two quick questions:

Is that how we should spell ‘perveying’?

My history is weaker than it should be and from what I recall it works, but was Gilgamesh a General or at least a leader of men?