Saturday Writing Update – 20/05/2017

It’s the end of the day here in Canada, and I’ve been writing away, but not posting. Few poems of sorts, idea of a short story, mind doodles for The Elephant and The Nun, and a travel journal. I may start posting the journal on the blog two entries at a time to catch up. Well, we’ll see, but it has been a time worth sharing here. Amazing things seen and much learnt on my part from the ranch. 

Saturday Writing Update – 06/05/2017 

Hope you’re all well. I have kept up with posting quite well this week, but I feel my writing has been quite slow over all. This Monday my wife and I are flying off to Canada, and I’m not sure what it’ll be like for writing and posting time, so best not to expect much. I’ll see what I can do.

In the meantime, please enjoy my most recently posted short story: Lucy’s Room

Have a blessed Sunday all.

Temper – Poem

Began writing this back at the end of March, through April, and have finally come back to tie it up. Don’t believe I’ve posted it before, but it is a long time for me to hold on to one of these!


Set in tantrum, the boy’s toe (nail picked) face
Purples and blubbers in dark recessed mess.
Points of view – misaligned with his mother’s –
Expressably held to are uncovered.

Little one, wrenched expressions earn no work
From carrying hearts; and though pity’s uncorked
In simple glass, all call for you in fear:
“Come from the waters edge, my boy, my dear.”

Tut less at common birdsong, but listen,
Listen closer to what they’ve known and seen.
In pride there’s no learning, so be patient;
In patience we know our place, time, and length.

But the sun just risen has yet to light
Darkened hills, and – with roaming clouds in sight –
May wait some time before the boy can see
All you want to show him; put it simply.

Little one, never know man’s heart; it drowns
Disturbing the water around and owns
Unknowing suffering – it’s death down here.
“Come from the waters edge, my boy, my fear.”

Saturday Writing Update 29/04/2017

Hope this finds you well, been foolishly slow with the writing, but in good news I have been accepted on to a HE Teacher Training Course, so I’m very much looking forward to that!

There will be a short story coming mighty soon, and an extra one in May I think. 

On 8th May my wife and I are flying out to Canada for 6 weeks! It’s going to be amazing. We’ll be going to a ranch in Central Canada to ride horses and learn a few things first, and then over to some relatives in Vancouver for an adventure around there. Planning to either have cover for poetry to be posted, or continue writing and posting from over there. Either way it can’t be much more inconsistent than what you suffer normally – apologies!