Response To Candide – Poem

Beginning as an attempt to write a historical poem on the subject of Voltaire the idea soon changed after reading Candide as research on the writer. It was his outlook that all religions formed from Christian beliefs were foolish and dangerous to the world and its people. He sought opportunity to brush it aside, and … Continue reading Response To Candide – Poem


One Opening Note To Echo – Poem

One Opening Note To Echo Many mornings have moved By bells of devotion Rung in disciplined time To rigorous motion. How do I set my tune, This simple windup box? Cogs, wheels, and ticking things All set to try to tock. Not one note plays its wave To echo through the day, And so to … Continue reading One Opening Note To Echo – Poem

Lensbury Falls Away – Poem

Returning for a third time to the Lensbury following a second day of coaching, I sat in their lounge/bar area (well-priced tea called to me) and wrote. Lensbury Falls Away Back in an airmchair to survey These clientele, each growing grey. Back in this hold of stranger class Where cackling lads outnumber grass. Back to … Continue reading Lensbury Falls Away – Poem


Morning Sigh – Poem

Take in the air and settle as she sleeps Snooze disturbance and block out all the streets Sight falls with force by calling of the Earth Morning sighs once and the Sun is rebirthed.


Lensbury Falls – Poem

Lensbury Falls Clompers abuse carpets And every eye looks. Fine chairs, occupants like - Moneyed screens, ancient books. International men Make their children captain; Women know the crying And, smiling, are certain. Lensbury waterfalls Overthrum the grassed lawn. Teddington barges pass The people as they fawn.


Saturday Writing Update – 22/07/17

Just posted a poem I've worked on for the week: Argument With Old Man. I'll expand upon it briefly here.                                 SPOILERS  There are two characters in this poem. The first is the man and the second is his old self. If … Continue reading Saturday Writing Update – 22/07/17


Argument With Old Man – Poem

A post! At the last possible moment! At last a post! I've worked on this poem from Friday to Friday, and here it finally is. I hope you enjoy it, and that you see its meaning. Argument With Old Man Argue on a difference? To what end? That rifts open before her, My best friend? … Continue reading Argument With Old Man – Poem