Morning Sigh – Poem

Take in the air and settle as she sleeps Snooze disturbance and block out all the streets Sight falls with force by calling of the Earth Morning sighs once and the Sun is rebirthed.


Argument With Old Man – Poem

A post! At the last possible moment! At last a post! I've worked on this poem from Friday to Friday, and here it finally is. I hope you enjoy it, and that you see its meaning. Argument With Old Man Argue on a difference? To what end? That rifts open before her, My best friend? … Continue reading Argument With Old Man – Poem

Shant – Poem

Shant Furious at questions (Which mildly hint Toward a suggestion Of mental-squint) She slams with a tired tongue, Crying, for she is young. Forgiven for the same; And Mother's love Gives on beyond the pain, For hope above Drives her soul onward now - Praying the seed sown grows.

Untitled Poem

UNTITLED There was certainly something subtle About a person who - refusing speech - Sang of heroes, supermen, rebuttle. Hatred pours the way of the challenger; Never rightly fired, like magma marks out It's source. Beware your tongues wagging danger.