The Elephant and The Nun Ch1 – Draft

Below I have given you the opening 250 words of Chapter One of The Elephant and The Nun. As it is a draft I am even more open to suggestions and your opinion on anything within it, it would be fantastic to know what you think of it! The Elephant and The Nun Hal’s Beginning … Continue reading The Elephant and The Nun Ch1 – Draft


Saturday Writing Update – 15/07/17

Coming close to 22:00 and here is the final post of the week. Hope you enjoyed my Haikus as much as I did writing them. Good news! I have a competed draft of Chapter One for The Elephant & The Nun and I will be sharing the first ~250 words or so with you all … Continue reading Saturday Writing Update – 15/07/17

Saturday Writing Update 24/06/2017

Here we are, the first week back in London, England and back into work! It's been good, returning to routine, in many ways, and one of the things it does great good to is my writing habits. I have the layout to work around instead of all the time in the world. Need a bit … Continue reading Saturday Writing Update 24/06/2017


Lucy’s Room – Short Story

Lucy’s Room   Night time catches the magic of the day just gone, And if you dream hard enough then you too can form The dark around you to anything you wish done.   When the light was switched off in her room, and her parents had taken care that the only door was shut, … Continue reading Lucy’s Room – Short Story


Bells Of The Forest – Poem

Taken last week some morning I can't recall which, but I think those are bluebells and whitebells (if someone knows otherwise please inform me!). Either way, the flower heads have often made me think of faerys/fairys, especially wearing them as hats. Bells Of The Forest Ringing through Spring morning tree-shade In green grasses, beside the … Continue reading Bells Of The Forest – Poem


Saturday Writing Update – 22/04/2017

Feeling that this writing-based-on-photo (must be a better term for it than that; in fact, there may be but this will have to do for now: Scribo Picturae - I've put "writing a picture" through a Latin Google translate) lark had been going well I set myself the task of doing it one last time before … Continue reading Saturday Writing Update – 22/04/2017


Saturday Writing Update – 18/03/2017

As some may have seen I shared a short story on this blog for the first time, and I plan for it not to be the last! It should be possible for me to have one competed each month, though I'm not sure which one will be done for next. It's between Lucy's Room, There … Continue reading Saturday Writing Update – 18/03/2017