Come, Shield and Charger – Poem

Come, Shield and Charger

Set yourself to steel; a shield is needed
And we can have no spike against the hand,
No weakness to bring harm to the bearer,
Or Death will have a merry feast this war.
Your troop is doubting, and are they correct?
Come, Charger – leader of the family – ,
It is time to ride to battle, and prove
That, though with faltered step, you lead with love.

Which Way Will You Climb?

We have placed a true treat on the top rung,
And beyond that a dreamland with peace hung;
It is our promise that a home is there,
But you choose to descend so, child, beware.
The base stick will beat you and break you down,
That you might still choose to climb to your crown
And not jump to suffering, then fall deep
Having leapt into Death with other sheep,
Not turning to the Shepherd’s rod or call
But shearing your wool to sell to the wolf.
Know you not one parable which He taught?
We fear for your life, that you will be caught.

Make Thy Spirit My Core

I feel death’s drawing string
Tighten round my depthed heart.
Praying: “I thank Thee, Lord,
He is not as Thou art.”

Death is fallible in
‘Least one way certainly.
I know that his cord is
Fought by all or many.

With thy strong arm beneath
I will fight him once more.
Without thee I am lost:
“Make thy Spirit my core.”

Appreciating Sleep And Dreams

Oh, to sleep! Oh, to dream! Such wonderful things that they are! I wish sometimes that I had had a bit more in my schooldays, and maybe a little more right now. Though both are my own fault in a sense!
Dreaming is another matter entirely. I find it really fun. The other night I dreamt the world ended and I was overrun by a wall of water. I have died a lot in my dreams, I don’t know if that means something!
Either way, goodnight, sleep well.

Sleep is a wonderful thing,
Not again will I desire,
To hold both my drooping eyes,
Awide at a blue lit fire.

To rest in colours of dreams,
In folds of imaginings,
Worlds of my own creation,
This has given my past wings.