After Half-Term 

Back in the train seat whizzing to college, and - as Zager & Evans would have it - a dystopian future where man has shredded the earth of all its value and set up a robotic service system. But that's fine, because it only begins in the year 2525 and takes until 9595 to truly … Continue reading After Half-Term 


Deutches, Ja?

Made it onto a train at Waterloo this time, that's nice. A German couple got to some closing doors ahead of me, and, instead of shoving a bag or hand in the gap like any sensible Londoner would, they stood till they closed. The wife efficiently moved on, but the husband stared as the open … Continue reading Deutches, Ja?

Blog + Eclectic Song 3 – Poem

I spent some time this morning staring in forgiving acceptance at the train board at Waterloo. My usual trains for college were all cancelled.  Handy thing's, phones. You can quite swiftly redirect yourself to a new route.  And it is on this route - to the the Jubilee line for Westminster, then on to the … Continue reading Blog + Eclectic Song 3 – Poem


Response To Candide – Poem

Beginning as an attempt to write a historical poem on the subject of Voltaire the idea soon changed after reading Candide as research on the writer. It was his outlook that all religions formed from Christian beliefs were foolish and dangerous to the world and its people. He sought opportunity to brush it aside, and … Continue reading Response To Candide – Poem


The Elephant and The Nun Ch1 – Draft

Below I have given you the opening 250 words of Chapter One of The Elephant and The Nun. As it is a draft I am even more open to suggestions and your opinion on anything within it, it would be fantastic to know what you think of it! The Elephant and The Nun Hal’s Beginning … Continue reading The Elephant and The Nun Ch1 – Draft


Saturday Writing Update – 15/07/17

Coming close to 22:00 and here is the final post of the week. Hope you enjoyed my Haikus as much as I did writing them. Good news! I have a competed draft of Chapter One for The Elephant & The Nun and I will be sharing the first ~250 words or so with you all … Continue reading Saturday Writing Update – 15/07/17


This Week’s Flight – Poem

Before the poetry here, let me tell you that my collection Fables, Depths, and Heights is now available on Kindle. I'll drop the link ASAP. Now, normal service. Again, a Sydney Keyes influenced poem (quite the war poet - died young, but he had already written well). Step up from those Monday Blues, here we … Continue reading This Week’s Flight – Poem