Saturday Writing Update – 15/07/17

Coming close to 22:00 and here is the final post of the week. Hope you enjoyed my Haikus as much as I did writing them.

Good news! I have a competed draft of Chapter One for The Elephant & The Nun and I will be sharing the first ~250 words or so with you all next week, so please give copious amounts of critical feedback! And you’re always welcome to a copy of the whole drafted chapter to read.

Short stories are progressing, two in the works and they should both be drafted by the end of July, along with a third being worked on at the start of August. 

Poems are good and have a few finished for posting, but Fables, Depths, and Heights has stalled somewhat I’m afraid. Chasing time to scrap into it. Probably print out a copy on to paper and scribble all over it as previously done. Also considering redoing poems from A Travelling Man, or simply grouping my favourites into one set. We’ll see where the whim blows me.

Saturday Writing Update – 18/03/2017

As some may have seen I shared a short story on this blog for the first time, and I plan for it not to be the last! It should be possible for me to have one competed each month, though I’m not sure which one will be done for next. It’s between Lucy’s Room, There Was a Wall, or Mrs Tam’s Daughter. From just the titles which would you like to read first? 

Also NEWS on The Elephant and The Nun. I’ve settled on the titles of the first seven chapters and am setting about lining up the direction of these and subsequently the rest of the book. Currently considering posting chapter by chapter to work alongside readers so as to refine it, but I’ll keep you updated with that as it goes. Not a lot set in stone, but progress is made!

Saturday’s Writing Update – 22/10/16

As I meant to begin this two weeks ago I think that says how my writing has been of late, and even this week it has been sporadic. There have been ups though! Fables, Depths, and Heights has had some of its poems read by beta-readers (which is quite exciting and has been very useful – special thanks to Rosa Linkens and SJ for that), I’ve begun to post more often on this blog again, and I’m organizing myself in a better manner. 

But, despite these positives, there remains the underlying current of my lack of writing. If I ever wish to complete a novel – as I do – then I’ll have to begin by completing longer pieces of work than my usual two or three verse poems. What I may do is begin by writing some simple short stories (close to flash fiction I suppose) every two weeks or so. Would you have an interest in reading that on this blog?

Saturday Update – 07/11/2015

Good evening everybody, I hope you are all well. Today’s update is very simple: I will add to Mye’s page the verses that must be added, and I think I’ll give a little list of books I’ve been reading recently. 

Andrew’s Reading List

  • A Body of Divinity by Thomas Watson (70 pages off finishing)
  • The Poetry Notebook by Clive James (re-reading)
  • John’s Gospel by The Apostle John (recently begun)

Have you read any of these three? What are your personal thoughts on each? 

One final piece of news, the sequence of poems that I am working on for my next collection – Fables, Depths, and Heights – is beginning to take shape, but I have a question for you all related to this. Should I separate the Fables section from the Depths, and Heights? I ask this because I’m not sure they tuck together as well as I’d like. To help you with any decision you may come to I am offering very early drafts of the collection to any interested Beta-readers. 

If you are interested then please email me:

Thank you for reading,