Bells Of The Forest – Poem

Taken last week some morning I can’t recall which, but I think those are bluebells and whitebells (if someone knows otherwise please inform me!). Either way, the flower heads have often made me think of faerys/fairys, especially wearing them as hats.

Bells Of The Forest

Ringing through Spring morning tree-shade
In green grasses, beside the light,
The Blue and white bells, there they grow
– Content as hats for flitting fae.

Saturday Writing Update – 22/04/2017

Feeling that this writing-based-on-photo (must be a better term for it than that; in fact, there may be but this will have to do for now: Scribo Picturae¬†– I’ve put “writing a picture” through a Latin Google translate) lark had been going well I set myself the task of doing it one last time before the weekend, and then I went and got all sick – lovely. Not so distastrous as it could have been, but a few things have been missed or passed over; which is, naturally, frustrating. But ahva.

Fables, Depths, and Heights remains untouched I’m afraid – purely my own fault, not turning blame on to an illness for that one. The Elephant and The Nun is slowly forming in my mind and slowly on the paper also – satisfactory overall but no more than that. The next short story will either be Lucy’s Room, There Was A Wall, or Bacon and Eggs and Sausages (working title. Also why is bacon singular and plural when sausage has sausages to grow into?).

There may be a poem before midnight, if not you’ll see it Monday! Have a blessed Sunday all.

The Young Dragon And It’s Duty – Poem

Don’t worry! The smoke coming from the stump wasn’t by my hand, I happened to find it, and it was dealt with by two park workers. (Peckham Rye if anyone’s interested.)

At first I thought it was someone with an e-cigarette relaxing on the grass and I was going to sneak a picture because it looked quite cool, but then I found no person, but a discarded cigarette butt burning the rotten log! 

The poem below is about youth, discipline, stickability, and duty.

The Young Dragon And It’s Duty

The flame from a Southern Wyvern
Ashens the farmhand looking North,
For ferocious howling winds turn
The mind to wishing for the earth,
But simple burns the blaze of youth
Spent drying rotting stumps to death.

Still a blue and still a green grows;
Not a good leaf taken too soon,
Nor bad ones broken. And this shows
Young dragons must take care for whom
They fire a smoke upon – to end
A duty is a blessèd trend.

Wild Woods – Poem

I and Monty (the lovely Labrador seen previously) were walking in and I took this photo just past where the first was taken. Thinking about it Monday and going through a few possible lines of imagery and different themes, I settled on what we have below.

To draw the curtain back, this poem is simply about dark times in life.

Wild Woods

Blossom below the dark, chilled, shaded trees
Reminds of light behind the wood, and hope breathes.
That there might be a sun beyond the wood
And with the sun a life of living free.

Saturday Writing Update – 15/04/2017

These last two weeks have been a bit poor in terms of blog posting. I have been writing (not much admittedly), but the poem I have been working on is still not ready to share I’m afraid. To get back to the good routine and to add some colour to this place I’ve set up a plan I can follow each week. The idea is that I take a picture and use that as a base to write from; I will then upload both the photo and the finished written piece, and if you’re interested I could include any pictures of the writing process I went through. 

On a morning I walk the dog, Monty, in our local park, and I think many of the photos are going to come from these morning walks – hopefully I can keep a focus to write things consistently decent at that time.

Saturday Writing Update – 01/04/2017

This week has been gentle in terms of writing, because I was focused on some interviews for a college course, and finishing a couple of bits of reading (Candide, The Case Of Benjamin Button, and The Yellow Wallpaper). I did however decide on an important character development that will have to occur in The Elephant and The Nun.

Over Easter I’ll be posting a short story, the usual poetry, and I hope to give you the poetry collection for free!