He’s Scribbled Something – Poem

It would be your tortoised mind That held you safe while we fell. But what have you survived to? Hills and hopeful shepherds stand, Preparing for the final Puzzle piece to place itself. Going home is wearying, For dictators and the saints. Who'd be an indoors human? Candlelit dinners devoured Only the wicks remain now, … Continue reading He’s Scribbled Something – Poem


Monday Dreamin’

Singing (singing? can I call it that?) some rough lines of S&G's The Boxer up to Waterloo, I keep last night's thought behind it.  Like many, I find fictional characters relatable. Can sound a bit weird - like all your buddies are talking lions and imaginary detectives - but it's not so strange.  Trains on … Continue reading Monday Dreamin’

Toad – pt.2 – Poetic Story

Continuing the story entitled Toad Beyond roughly sized rough ocean waters, Constance beholds a cultural country. Before her gaze sets out a vesseled hearse, Black bow plowing beneath white sail flies free. Sand receiving the prow and foreign feet, Messengers step with haste upward to speak. Constance deigns to hear them till near complete, But … Continue reading Toad – pt.2 – Poetic Story