Predating Peraclean Athens

Been scribbling away in all sorts of ways, I 'ave. With assignments and poetry work to do it's been a bit full full full, but I have found a little time to write into The Elephant and The Nun and doodle this bordered alliteration piece. Prepping to illustrate poems that'll be posted to this 'ere … Continue reading Predating Peraclean Athens


Literary Psychoanalysis and Untitled Flash Fiction

There's flash fiction down below. Bussing to a definitely open college and a due date with my draft assignment. The traffic is usual for Old Kent Road, an average of 5 cars per 30 square-metres, with a rate of flow of 13 ms-1. Quite pessimistic this morning, wearing a scarf, but it's getting warmer from … Continue reading Literary Psychoanalysis and Untitled Flash Fiction