Blog – More Than a Meal for Three – Flash-Fiction

Events in life often occur and draw to a close things we had seen lasting a lot longer, but all we can do is take it on board and step forward really. Not really related, but there's a short story/flash fiction below if you want to jump to that; it's called More Than a Meal … Continue reading Blog – More Than a Meal for Three – Flash-Fiction


He’s Scribbled Something – Poem

It would be your tortoised mind That held you safe while we fell. But what have you survived to? Hills and hopeful shepherds stand, Preparing for the final Puzzle piece to place itself. Going home is wearying, For dictators and the saints. Who'd be an indoors human? Candlelit dinners devoured Only the wicks remain now, … Continue reading He’s Scribbled Something – Poem

Literary Psychoanalysis and Untitled Flash Fiction

There's flash fiction down below. Bussing to a definitely open college and a due date with my draft assignment. The traffic is usual for Old Kent Road, an average of 5 cars per 30 square-metres, with a rate of flow of 13 ms-1. Quite pessimistic this morning, wearing a scarf, but it's getting warmer from … Continue reading Literary Psychoanalysis and Untitled Flash Fiction