Toad – pt.1 – Poetic Story

Over the next few weeks I will be writing a long poem, perhaps not the length of Mye: The World Elsewhere, but somewhat reasonable in its length I do hope. Its basis is current affairs, and how the past has led to these times; broad. The poem should sharpen as I proceed to work on it, and when I have completed the work there may be some editing. Hindsight is 20/20!


Toad crawls from her pond, her young on her back
– Constance is watching in shock and alarm –
Whilst Peace, he believes her speech lacks a smack
Of purpose behind her spawning and charm.

Grandieur in the land of Constance
Sees her standing by the marble arched window.
Close waves mark the hall (a defensive stance)
Through which none shall sail, not a friend or foe.

For those who have seen Mye, again I have characters to run the story, but this time I am not going to give them a specific verse style to indicate their involvement (much to the readers relief I am sure!).


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