Response To Candide – Poem

Beginning as an attempt to write a historical poem on the subject of Voltaire the idea soon changed after reading Candide as research on the writer. It was his outlook that all religions formed from Christian beliefs were foolish and dangerous to the world and its people. He sought opportunity to brush it aside, and wrote Candide in this process as a reaction to an earthquake that hit Lisbon. Yes, I feel his anger at the reaction from the current church that gave its voice the loudest, but I disagree entirely with his reasoning that all believed this, or that Bible taught this at all. This is the basis of my poem, not a reaction to his fair reproof of unjustness and foolishness in the world, but at his own unjustness and foolishness when he went blindly in to swipe at all Christians and their good faith.

I would recommend Candide to be read, it is a good book, amusing, and thought-provoking. This poem is my own personal response to the overarching comment in the book, and not a book review.

Response To Candide

Francois-Marie, this best of worlds
Which you claim that I argue for,
Is not so as you’ve presented
Throughout your half-halfed work Candide.
Indeed, there is truth that the paths
We each walk are best – not by man –
Yet yes, pain and sin rumble through
Cities, countries, El Dorado.

Consistently there is mankind;
Perhaps this lonliness is meant
With pointed finger at absence –
I see the standing on this thought –
But countering I would mention
Our pollution and polluting
Even in an El Dorado
(Which has yet to exist in time),
And further I would say to you,
Lead logician of your counry,
Do you know the letters of Paul,
The Psalms, Prophets, and history?
Unto whom are promises made?
Had Candide ownership of faith?
And with a heart and mind set above
Walked on in hope to be fulfilled?


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