Saturday Writing Update – 22/07/17

Just posted a poem I’ve worked on for the week: Argument With Old Man. I’ll expand upon it briefly here.  


There are two characters in this poem. The first is the man and the second is his old self. If you have heard some Reformed Baptist sermons then you might be familiar with this old man term. Basically it refers to who we used to be before we were saved by Christ. So we have an argument here between the man (who is seeking a Godly life), and the old man (who is his old self, his old ideals, his past troubles, and who still rears his head at moments). This old man uses poor logic that tempts on feelings and the here and now, rather than sound truth for reason and the next life. He calls for a relaxing of duty, no sensible conflict resolution, and argues for entire release from work. In the final verse, man rejects this affront to truth and stands on his given principles rather than setting himself as an authority. 

That’s the base of it! For the coming week I’m going to try something. I am going to promise a poem a day at 17:00. We’ll see if that accountability can hold me in check. It might call a return to my Scriptura Picturae series which proved useful. The week after I may reduce myself to two poems, but they will be more substantial – one may become a longer running feature as with Mye: The World Elsewhere.   

For The Elephant & The Nun and my short stories I am still writing away and am almost onto drafting Chapter Four – Hal Leaves Penance, and am coming to interesting points in each of: There Was A Wall; Eines Deutschen Kanada; Mrs Tam’s Daughter Goes To School. So we have those to look forward to! 


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