Argument With Old Man – Poem

A post! At the last possible moment! At last a post!

I’ve worked on this poem from Friday to Friday, and here it finally is. I hope you enjoy it, and that you see its meaning.

Argument With Old Man

Argue on a difference?
To what end?
That rifts open before her,
My best friend?
And burdens untethered slide
The abyss,
Released from our care and grasp?
Is it this
That you suggest, Carnal Mind?

Once fires dwindle down uou can
Care some less –
Is that not peace in its kind?
Hang your dress,
Your colourful pretending
Weighs you down
And keeps greys from growing love.
Seeds aren’t sown,
Wildflowers never tended.

Please, keep those persuasive words,
They are lies,
And I need no misguidance
In these times.
Surely, I should keep a strength?
Be helpful?
Why grow away from gardens
Which serve all?

Then let the rains drown your flame.
Know this well,
It is your path to failing
And to Hell!
Destroy your precious flower
For careless
Stamping in search of repair –
Ne’er see success!

Mind, if your curse sees me walk
Narrow paths
Then I’ll run; your mistake’s clear.
Keeping masks
Of control and privacy
Close at hand
Preserves preferred time to talk.


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