Eclectic Song no.1: Dancing – Poem

Forgive me, I forgot to post the haiku style poems for two weeks, but I do have this to give you now. Worked on it since Monday, finished it today, and would love your opinions on it!

Eclectic Song no.1: Dancing

‘Fraid I won’t be dancing this night,
No shimmy at the fireplace.
Yes, it’s clocked a day, my life’s light,
Since the friends came out to our space;
Regret pulls a shirt sleeve,
And working makes me leave.

Tap tap, ja, I feel your hand’s beat,
It calls melody in my reply.
Surely, movement is incomplete
With no one to understand why.
In love, we stay one hour;
Forgo shameful cower.

Footsore; there’ll be a longer wait,
Dear, I know you’re disappointed,
And it shows in that tutting spate,
Yet we share all we’re appointed.
Fearful forgetfullness
Preying on altars mess.

Doodle on a mindful scenery
Whilst waiting my healthy step –
I’ll, again, be your company,
But Time marks the path ahead, yet,
All the walking I do
Then answering to you.


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