Saturday Writing Update 24/06/2017

Here we are, the first week back in London, England and back into work! It’s been good, returning to routine, in many ways, and one of the things it does great good to is my writing habits. I have the layout to work around instead of all the time in the world. Need a bit of panic.

The Elephant and The Nun is not plodding anymore, it’s actually begun to run! I have a few hundred words to add and then I’ll be in possession of another first draft of a chapter – exciting stuff! Ideas are coming, foundations are being laid, half the chapters are outlined and have a completion date set by them, so there is a clear progression. If anyone would like to read anything I have so far they are more than welcome to, just drop a comment. 

As for poetry, next week I have a series planned. A short and simple set of poems which are my take on the traditional Japanese Haiku (I couldn’t remember the syllabilic structure and so wrote what felt right with myself). I hope they’re enjoyable! 

And in the coming weeks there should also be a short story appearing, I’ll keep you updated. 

Have a blessed Sunday.


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