The Young Dragon And It’s Duty – Poem

Don’t worry! The smoke coming from the stump wasn’t by my hand, I happened to find it, and it was dealt with by two park workers. (Peckham Rye if anyone’s interested.)

At first I thought it was someone with an e-cigarette relaxing on the grass and I was going to sneak a picture because it looked quite cool, but then I found no person, but a discarded cigarette butt burning the rotten log! 

The poem below is about youth, discipline, stickability, and duty.

The Young Dragon And It’s Duty

The flame from a Southern Wyvern
Ashens the farmhand looking North,
For ferocious howling winds turn
The mind to wishing for the earth,
But simple burns the blaze of youth
Spent drying rotting stumps to death.

Still a blue and still a green grows;
Not a good leaf taken too soon,
Nor bad ones broken. And this shows
Young dragons must take care for whom
They fire a smoke upon – to end
A duty is a blessèd trend.


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