Saturday Writing Update – 28/01/2017

Fables, Depths, and Heights – a poetry collection by Andrew Davies is coming to e-book this next Monday! Final polishings and then it’s all go go go, so that’s exciting.

Apologies for the lack of posting recently, I have plans to increase that output and am putting more time and thought into each piece before it goes up. If things go as they should I will be posting three poems each week, and a short story every month. But please bear with me as I’m still juggling the normal life of time constraints, energy levels, and work that we all lead. I’m also looking to put more and more hours into a debut novel entitled The Elephant and The Nun (which is getting me quite excited I have to say, but more news will be read of that over the next year).

Hope you are all healthy and happy. Write well friends.



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