Scrub Harder

A departure from my usual rhymes and rhythms; variety is the spice of poetry, right?

You see it all through social media and no one is immune. We all call out about problems and issues and dreams of helping those in need, but how far do we go, and are we giving what they really need?


Supporting a future world with ripples,
But what it needs is a good flood of mercy.

I feel slow today;
I’ll go slowly, take my time,
Won’t be trying hard
To make days too much brighter.

I’m not a doctor
But I feel that I could be.
It’s more confidence
Than knowing what I should do.

I can help people,
And not have to look at them.
Staying around home
Raising awareness they need.

Ripples run and wash the dust gently, how nice.
But what are we doing about these grimed minds?


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