Opportunities In Unlikely Time

I read recently that most of our lives are spent reacting to moments around us or things that happen to us, and that does have a truth to it. Aren’t we always running on a schedule? School, work, appointments, sudden emergencies out of our control? We bounce from one thing to the next unable to stop, but this isn’t a bad thing. It gives us structure, direction, guidance. We were created to work, to do, and when we find ourselves overwhelmed it is surely to our creator that we should turn. He can give us strength in time of need. He can lift us in our purpose. He can give us comfort through our Saviour.

These moments out of our control give us opportunity to come closer to Christ. They are difficult and take some or all our strength, but thank the Lord He is an endless well and draws us ever onward to Heaven.

It is no dread,
But a friend to be embraced.
An opportunity in unlikely time
And surely it should be faced
With open mind.

We do not know
All that is to pass us by,
Only that some will pounce into our pathway.
So we must all learn to cry
And find our guide.


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