The Cold Months

My brother-in-law and I attempt to go running around two or three times a week, and for us this means getting out to the park at 06:00. You might think it would be cold out there, and you would be right of course. It’s almost freezing! However, this doesn’t cause the common cold which is referenced heavily below (I’m a bit sniffly at the moment and you take inspiration from where you can get it). The spread of the common cold is due to the colder weather driving us indoors and closer together.

Also, this is the first poem that I’ve written backwards. After I wrote the “Throats” verse I decided I could make the poem interesting by writing two more verses which scaled the alphabet, but when it came to fitting it together it worked far better if I reversed the order to what you now read.

Running round the park in cold months
Rather than reverse my jogged joy
Reinvigorates my body.
Rueful in the rain as we stop
“Didn’t we bring this on ourselves?”

Smoke the nose to soften to skin,
Soothe the pores and block the cave’s mouth.
See the water tumble in tunnels –
Sensed by its spattering on floors –
Eroding the limescale tissue.

Throats rough as rocks, but thankfully
Tongues as sharp as flint are absent.
They bask in pain relief and cough,
Throwing plasma’d phlegm to the air.
Feel better soon you chilly ones.


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