Saturday’s Writing Update – 22/10/16

As I meant to begin this two weeks ago I think that says how my writing has been of late, and even this week it has been sporadic. There have been ups though! Fables, Depths, and Heights has had some of its poems read by beta-readers (which is quite exciting and has been very useful – special thanks to Rosa Linkens and SJ for that), I’ve begun to post more often on this blog again, and I’m organizing myself in a better manner. 

But, despite these positives, there remains the underlying current of my lack of writing. If I ever wish to complete a novel – as I do – then I’ll have to begin by completing longer pieces of work than my usual two or three verse poems. What I may do is begin by writing some simple short stories (close to flash fiction I suppose) every two weeks or so. Would you have an interest in reading that on this blog?


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