Daylight On Thoughts

Firstly, I apologise for not posting more often to this blog in recent months despite saying I am aiming to sort out my discipline in writing. Needless to say I have failed in that task, and must redouble my efforts.

This poem that I have typed out below is based around ideas (some not as radical as indicated in the poem) and words that are taken in ways unthought of by those uttering them.

As I take a little liberty with the syllables in my play on words I must ask your forgiveness for this and for your intelligence to read it correctly.

They won’t bear the daylight well,
Babies you’ve grown in your mind.
Take them to the market to sell,
Fear all the clients you find.
Marx my words, ideas aren’t Nietzsche
When opened to the public’s poll.

Now for some news. My second poetry collection Fables, Depths, and Heights is slowly moving forward. I have nearly completed the first section, but there is a rather lengthy poem I will be working into right until the day before publishing I imagine. So I must ask, would anyone be able to help me by being a beta-reader for this work?


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