Common Occurence

People have difficulty facing up to their faults and, sometimes, the problems they are facing. This has occurred throughout history, all persons have pushed something away or not given it due thought. We are no exceptions. Perhaps someone asked you a personal question the other day and it hit a sore spot, but instead of explaining how you were or what you felt you said something like “I can’t explain it.” The hardest part about this situation is that sometimes we really can’t explain it just yet; our data is inconclusive like that of an investigation. Yet we shouldn’t stop at that, we should keep looking and thinking to find the centre of our issue. Then even if it is not explained to that person who has hit the nail on the head, at least we know and can now open up to the people who matter most and help us.

I couldn’t explain it if I wanted to!
Emphatically said, the truth is hard set;
Unfortunately its centre’s a lie.
He could, and he should, but he won’t, not yet.

I’m making an active effort at the moment to think things through far more thoroughly than I ever have, to actually use this mind that God has given me. It’s difficult.

What do you think our approach should be to deeper issues? Should we dig them up? Or perhaps not?
Let me know in the comments. I’d love to read about what you think.

I’m going to also put this post up on a tandem blog I’ve started. At the moment I have four posts there: two poems, one hymn, one essay. It will be similar to this one, but with its unique posts. Here’s the link if you’re interested:


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