Holding Release 

Wow, it’s getting late in the day – can you get much later when the day has passed into night?

I’m getting quite excited about my poetry collection. It’s growing and making a shape of some sort; what it will grow to who knows but it’s growing all the same! I’ve managed to get an idea of the layout, font, text-size, extra bibblybops I want in there, and I may have had a good thought on adding a little visual to the whole book. If I can organise a writing schedule I may be putting it up for pre-order on Kindle soon. The official release date I have in mind is October of this year, around a year after my last in fact. I think that’s quite nice.

Well now, for today we have this poem. It formed around a line which came in a lovely moment a few minutes ago.


Holding release, a feeling peace;
One second is enough sometimes
To have what you need from a hug.


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