Is Creativity A Debate?

I have in the past been called argumentative or opinionated when it comes to certain subjects; one of which is writing. I often read a modern poem and find that the structure, flow, or even imagery that I would expect and desire is lacking. There are some good free-verse poems – it has been done so no arguments there – but surely there’s a line that must be drawn between prose and poetry?

Is creativity a debate;
Can it be done incorrectly –
Do poems remain if written wrong?
Or am I acting circumspectly?


10 thoughts on “Is Creativity A Debate?

  1. Cont. * is judged by whether it sticks to the ‘rules.’ there are those of poetry that intentionally has rules or guidelines, like sonnets or haikus. You do say that free verse can be OK, but you sound skeptical. That might just be writing on the net and it’s limitations.

    My point is the English language is a living language and all art forms are changing as that does. I don’t think poetry can be judged to be good or bad depending on old standards. There is a place for the old rules but I don’t think you can write off things seem strange or incorrect.

    Maybe what I say is making things too easy or that people will call any old thing poetry, but I think there are a lot of changes in languages and thought that need to be taken into consideration


    1. I agree with you. Languages evolve, styles of writing and expressing ourselves change, and that’s okay πŸ™‚
      But, the purpose of structure in a poem is to develop your writing strength. It’s the same in painting with Picasso, for one example.
      So I don’t have issue with creativity and free verse, but it should have a purpose and be done in a beautiful way (or an ugly way that is beautiful by making it’s point by being ugly); it is this beauty in expression that a lot of poets seem to miss.
      There’s also something to be said for structure along the lines of supplying a rhythm for musicality and memory which is a designed purpose of poetry over prose, but that’s a point at a slight tangent to my own.

      Hope all that makes sense, it’s a tough subject to discuss on a comment thread, but perhaps it will be alright πŸ™‚


  2. I used to agree with you, and I still believe that there needs to be a line drawn between poetry and prose.but I disagree that poetry needs to have standardized rules and a poem is


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