Lost In Endless Possibilities

This last week I haven’t made it a priority to write for this blog, because of work and other such-like things. But here I am, still around, all writing, and I have been able to make some progress with my next poetry collection: Fables, Depths, and Heights.

Today’s poem is about seeking truth, satisfaction, and morality in material things and basing a belief on what some other has said; especially when that person is so clearly drifting themselves. It is loosely based around Nietzsche saying that if we lose God it will be like the Earth losing the sun; we will drift aimlessly with no anchor for our morals.


Your flower dress doesn’t make you free,
Your spirit tamed by the wild unknown.
Lost in endless possibilities,
Those oceans flow and you think you’ve grown.
You swim with fish; lying through bubbles
That sun and moon cause all these troubles.

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