On The EU Referendum Result

My wife woke me up this morning to the news that Britain had left the EU. Once I had woken up a little further I felt quite depressed over the whole issue, but it has led to much prayer and leaning on the Lord in this time. God has overseen the rise, fall, and plateau of every nation and politician and man, He will surely see us through this time. All is in His hands.

And it did then result in the first relaxing driving lesson I’ve ever had, so there was some immediate positive I could personally note!


Waking to a disappointment
On two million decisions,
We hear a sidelined man explain
Mistakes were made, there’ll be no rain.

There is the anger, young to old,
But I feel colder – more like glum –
Praying hard twice (once for reach rose)
And once again to know God’s close.


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