Why You Have Not Heard From Me For Such A While

It has been too long since I last posted a piece of writing, and I’m afraid to say you may have to wait a bit longer yet. I am still writing, but I’m struggling with:

Writer’s Block! 

This terror seems to rise partly from lack of time. This has reduced my output to almost nought. I just never seem to be able to sit down for a good period and focus on writing alone; there’s always work or sleep or food! Such is life I suppose, but even when I do write it is often in prose and not poetry. This prose – as some of you might recall I am working towards a small collection of short stories – is making progress! There are new ideas, and some advancements on the previous works. It’s all moving along reasonably. But still! There are great time constraints from increasing hours at work and other responsibilities which must be placed high above writing. 

As well as time there is my current state of mind to consider. I find myself deeper and deeper in stress each day and I feel incapable of expressing myself in the written word – a great pain as a writer which I’m sure you have also felt. I thank the Lord that I have Him to turn to in such times. 

So there you have it:

Why You Have Not Heard From Me For Such A While

Enough of my plight. I have some questions for you now! Have any of you suffered from similar circumstances? Was your writer’s block somewhat different? Or have you never struggled with it? 

Let me know in the comments. 

Thanks for reading,


5 thoughts on “Why You Have Not Heard From Me For Such A While

  1. Oh dear 😦

    Writers block… I know the feeling… my favourite feeling.

    The moment when you have a huge deadline and cannot write, you’re staring at a blank page on your computer screen…

    Or, you want to write but find you can’t…

    It happens to every writer – When I was at Uni I struggled with it a LOT especially when I had a good idea in the first place… it just fizzled out 😦

    It does exist! And it happens a LOT – a writer I know who works in Canada admits it!

    How to beat it is the question.
    Don’t be disheartened when you find you cannot – on my shelf in my living room I have a script that’s waiting to be written.. I started it in 2012 … But I haven’t finished it – however I realised that if I put it away for a while and suddenly have a bit of a rush to write some of it I do it until it stops then I put it away again…

    Don’t think about ‘when I beat it this time I have to beat it when it happens again’ don’t, cause then it will happen again…

    Don’t think about it, just carry on.

    I like what the person above said

    (“Regarding overcoming it quickly I’ve heard that writing about funny real-life situations you’ve experienced or have been told of by friends and making them more fictional so it fits the story you want to make can help get the creativity flowing.”)

    I agree with that 🙂 Freewrite! Oh I loved freewriting when I was out of energy for my scripts, I wrote anything that popped into my head and eventually I started thinking about what I needed to write! 🙂

    Also, I find that sometimes we need a break from what we are trying to write! Like the script I have on my shelf! At first it was a project that I really wanted to do… I had all this energy for it then one day… it fizzled out after the first episode completion… I realised because of the subject matter it burned me out quite quickly… I just couldn’t find the words for the next episodes.

    But then I started this huge new project with a co-writer and I had the energy for it and still do apparently lol.

    I learned not to dwell on it, I found a different project or found something else to focus on. I couldn’t do that whilst at Uni of course – at Uni I had support from my writing contacts and so on but it’s different when you’re writing on your own time and without a deadline.

    But don’t quit writing – just write something else for a while, don’t try to force yourself… unless you have a deadline you could easily burn yourself out completely…

    A writer I am in contact with here in the UK, I was ’emulating’ him for a Uni project and during an interview I asked him how he deals with having a deadline and not getting anything out… He told me he does something else completely 🙂 Like chores or so on … until he feels like writing then he goes and does it.

    I think it’s mainly because you have a lot going on on your end too – when you have a lot on it’s hard to write! Same for me, I have a lot on my mind and I want to write but I can’t cause my mind is rather easily distracted at the moment.


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  2. Most writers who don’t struggle with it don’t believe it exists. A friend of mine said “Writer’s block is BS. You never hear people from other professions saying I have ‘plumber’s block’ or ‘actor’s block’, but you do with writers.” Maybe if you don’t believe in it won’t affect you?

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      1. Well it’s a she, but I’m sure the more you think about not being able to write the more it hinders your ability to?

        Regarding overcoming it quickly I’ve heard that writing about funny real-life situations you’ve experienced or have been told of by friends and making them more fictional so it fits the story you want to make can help get the creativity flowing.

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        1. Personally I’ve found writers block to be a bit more problematic than this. I want to write desperately! But I can’t. Nothing comes to me. I’ve managed to eek out a few verses of poetry and some small paragraphs of prose, but nothing substantial.
          That may help. To have a pre-made starting point is certainly a way forward, yet there is still the fight after that to keep on going.
          Thank you for your suggestion I will try that 🙂

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