Saturday Update: 19/12/2015

Wow. Wow wow wow.

The last two weeks have been full to the brim of work and happenings. I’ve been taking on more hours at work (married life looms and the wallet must be full!), walking the dog when I can, and writing when I am able. On top of that there’s bad sleep, general stress, and spiritual struggles. This is why I haven’t managed to keep up my routine so well (yet again!). I am thankful for the faithfulness of the Lord as these matters assail me.

Writing Updates!

Now, to the main reason for this post: the writing updates. How is Andrew getting along with his writing? 

Well, if we were to read the true opening paragraph and consider for a moment, we might come to the conclusion that he has not done very well at all, but ah! That is not the case; I am happy to report. 

We’ll deal with the most progressed first (incidentally, this list also denotes the order I wish to publish them in!): Short Story Collection  as yet untitled.

I was working on a story based upon a writing competition prompt. The competition has long since ended, but I found the prompt engaging enough to write for the sake of writing. I had no fear of the outcome. No hopes or aspirations. There was no underlying message to aim towards. I was writing for the joy of creation and that alone!

It is called Moonlit River’s Rest. A stand-in title that I feel okay with. The first draft is complete and I’m now looking to share it with a couple of people to receive feedback etc. If anyone reading this is interested, please do comment or go to the contact page of my site and drop me an email.

Next! Fables, Depths, and Heights. My next poetry collection is lining up quite nicely for publication in a years time. With this I’d really like to get some illustrations and organise a neat contents page. I haven’t yet decided whether to do this all myself or to outsource some work to another. If you know of anyone who could do either of these jobs, let me know in the comments or via email again.

Thirdly. Finally. Lastly! The Elephant and The Nun. My first full length story is set in a fantasy world with faeries, goblins, magicians, and opposing two mountains. As with all fantasy stories I am overshadowed by the likes of Tolkien even before I set a plot in motion, but I am aiming to underlay the entire story with things applicable to today’s world (one delicate matter in particular that is dominating the news at this time). In this way I want to stand out amidst a crowd of fantasy creations past, present, and future. 

At the moment I am waiting to receive feedback from a couple of people, though I am unsure how long this will take so will be cracking on when I get the time. 

Again, I would love beta-readers for this wok. Anyone who is interested can comment or email me. 

One more thing. How was your week?

Thanks for reading guys, 


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