Saturday Update: 05/12/2015

It’s December! I hope you’ve all been tucking in to your advent calendars, because we’ve only got 20 days left till Christmas! Speaking of which, I’m on the train to the town centre to do my last little shop for presents. So while I go go go, I thought I’d try and answer a question. I’ll dive straight in, keeping it short and sweet.

Why Do I Write?
I am not special, not different, not unique, not ‘rising-above-the-rest’ intelligent, and far from wise. For these reasons it is good for me to share my experiences, my thoughts, my life with people. There will be at least one who relates to me and may be helped one way or another – either by imitating or avoiding my path and action.


And that’s why I write. Oh, and it’s quite fun. That’s a reason too. 

Now, updates on how it’s all going. Not had much change recently. Just pressing along adding little parts to each work. The next thing I publish will probably be the short story collection, but that does depend on how much I get caught up in the poetry collection! 

How are you guys doing with your blogs/writing? 

Thanks for reading,



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