Saturday Update – 28/11/2015

“How much have we done to cause God to withdraw his Spirit, and suffer us to fall finally! Yet that he should keep us, let his name be blessed, and his memorial eternalized, who keepeth the feet of his saints. 1 Samuel 2 9” – Body of Divinity by Thomas Watson

I quote this here because it describes how I feel at the moment. I am thankful for God’s mercy in all His dealings with me.

As I’m sure most of you have seen, my last post began a series will see me open up about my beliefs and opinions on certain subjects. Is there any point of contention you would like to hear my point of view on?

In other news I’ve been moving a little further along with all three of my creative projects. The poetry collection is forming nicely. The short story collection is being worked on. And my fantasy book ‘The Elephant and The Nun’ is growing steadily. I have sent the latter off to two people for a quick review of the first chapter, and have one other who has asked to see it so far. I really appreciate all the support I’m receiving, it’s wonderful 🙂

Thanks for reading all that you do. Hope your next week goes well,


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