My Belief: A Summary

The Bible. What an incredible book it is. The word of God directly from God through the inspired pens of men like you and I. A blessing and a mercy upon humankind! It carries the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ – who is Lord of all and Saviour of His people.

I believe every jot and tittle. Yes, even that one. No, it doesn’t contradict that other bit, and here’s why. See? See how wonderful that is? What was once a confusion to you is now understood to be what it is; the genius of an all knowing God.

No book compares with it. It follows one point from start to finish: Christ. And what about Him? That He would come, did come, is coming back, and that we must hold our faith in Him. There is no other faith that requires faith alone to be saved. I am entirely sure of my salvation, only because of the saving work of the Lord Jesus Christ. He alone has done the deed. Died the death for my sins and many others! I thank Him for this wondrous work. There is nothing I can do to be saved, but there is nothing I need to do! I simply fall and rest on Christ’s atoning death. Thank the Lord.

That is my belief in a simple summary. I will be writing more detailed essays/posts where I delve deeper into more difficult issues and these will come in good time. You’ll probably see the next one of these pieces in a weeks time.

Thank you for reading,


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