Mye: The World Elsewhere – Part Sixty One

And here it is! The last installment of Mye: The World Elsewhere. I didn’t expect to rap it up so quickly, else I would have finished it off last week. A few statistics for you:

  • It is 3553 words long (a nice palindrome to remember it by!)
  • It has exactly 140 verses to it
  • It took a long time and a lot of effort to write (though it may not always seem that way!)

Here I talk about the meanings that can be found within this work (hopefully alongside a well written story too). It has been more of an experimental work and it has proved useful, but I can also see a life for it beyond this blog. Perhaps – I was thinking – it could be included in a collection of short stories alongside another poetic story. What do you think? 


But we were not left,
Not for a single moment!
Each knew help in that great test;
Higher still than our opponent!

An invisible source!
With all-visible actions!
We rest knowing that our course
Has been planned with wise intentions.

Even this dream I led
You through has been told for good.
Each moment that I have said
Is allegorical food.

Food for your later thoughts.
Have a second read and dwell
Upon spiritual haunts –
Meanings will spring up like a well.

Thank you for reading till the end,



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