Saturday Update – 14/11/2015

I hope that everyone’s Saturday is going well. Getting all the work done that you had planned? Or all the relaxing that you need? 

I have two important pieces of news. One bigger than the other, and one that may directly affect this blog. 

The first, more important one, is that my fiancée is to be baptised this coming Monday at our church The Metropolitan Tabernacle in London! I’m looking forward to it a lot. 

This second piece may affect the blog. My hours are steadily increasing at work, and this week was a particularly full – which is why the poems I did post were single verse, I lacked the focus and the time needed to work into them. 

I was considering writing a few ‘belief and opinion’ pieces for this blog. What do you think? 

Thanks for reading,


8 thoughts on “Saturday Update – 14/11/2015

      1. sure I would – when I started my blog (note the title) it was a mix of poetry and prose opinion pieces (usually political but not always) – I tried to keep it balanced but after a while the poetry just sort of took over – what’s important is whether or not you want to publish your thoughts for others to read – but you have to be prepared for negative reactions

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        1. I wondered what had happened to the prose!
          Yeh, I’m quite worried that some of my views might rub people the wrong way. What’s the worst reaction you’ve had?
          Thank you for your comment and I’ll certainly aim to write some prose pieces. Although, they may be a tad scrappy! But practice, practice, practice.

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