Saturday Update – 07/11/2015

Good evening everybody, I hope you are all well. Today’s update is very simple: I will add to Mye’s page the verses that must be added, and I think I’ll give a little list of books I’ve been reading recently. 

Andrew’s Reading List

  • A Body of Divinity by Thomas Watson (70 pages off finishing)
  • The Poetry Notebook by Clive James (re-reading)
  • John’s Gospel by The Apostle John (recently begun)

Have you read any of these three? What are your personal thoughts on each? 

One final piece of news, the sequence of poems that I am working on for my next collection – Fables, Depths, and Heights – is beginning to take shape, but I have a question for you all related to this. Should I separate the Fables section from the Depths, and Heights? I ask this because I’m not sure they tuck together as well as I’d like. To help you with any decision you may come to I am offering very early drafts of the collection to any interested Beta-readers. 

If you are interested then please email me:

Thank you for reading,


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