Saturday Update 

So, the Mye page is fully up to date now. Anyone wishing to read through over 3000 words of poetry can head there, or, if you feel less keen, you could read just under 3000 words by buying my poetry collection A Travelling Man on Kindle! 

I jest, but I did promise to update that Mye page and I have done so. I also remember promising to relay some news on my other writing endeavours. Well! I am working on three creative pieces at the moment! I have my second poetry collection, which is entitled Fables, Depths, and Heights. Then there is a fantasy tale called The Elephant and The Nun – the first chapter has been drafted and I have a few ideas for sub-plots, meanings, progressions, and conclusions. And finally I am juggling a few short stories that I want to put together in a small collection. So it’s all busy busy busy at the moment! 

As well as this I am looking to get back into my Lion Witch and Wardrobe essays for my BlueRoomWriter blog. On top of that there are a few spiritual pieces I want to write sometime. And then there’s the possibility of searching for editorial and CV work! It’ll all add up! 

Wow! So there it is. Those are all the writing projects I can remember at the moment! 

Thank you all for following this blog and reading all you do.

See you on Monday,



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