Mye: The World Elsewhere – Part Fourty Nine


We must be quick to act
When working to save a soul.
Say a prayer – matter of fact.
Come, help me the Bard to control!

*The Playful Bard*

Sing, Sirens, sing sweetly!
Steep my soul in
Sultry tones.
I will not writhe, I will not roll,
I never wish to leave! This!
Oh, this! Soothes my
Wounded being.

I am back in full-time blog mode now. I have begun to make sense of my early mornings and busy days (that everyone else has got on with for all of time!), and have sketched an idea of a poetic posting timetable.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday: Mye
Tuesday, Thursday: Stand-alone poem or hymn
Saturday: Update Mye page and relay news
Sunday: Day of rest

Well, that’s it for now. I am trying to make this blog have a greater community feel to it, but it’s quite tough! Does anyone have any advice on that?

Thanks for reading,

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