Hey, Andrew! (Update)

Hey, Andrew, why haven’t you been posting Mye recently? And what’s happened to your poetry collection? It was meant to be available last Saturday!

Two very good questions. I haven’t been posting Mye recently, because I’ve got stuck and haven’t put in the hours to sort it out. That is completely my fault. 

My poetry collection isn’t available yet, because I haven’t decided on a cover still. I’m sorry, it’s such a hard choice. I really want to get it right, and not paying a serious professional to do it is meaning it’s taking a lot more time than anticipated. However, I will have at least two (hopefully 3) demo covers finished this week. These will then be put to public opinion and I’ll digest the feedback and finish the project! 

Expect to be voting on the cover within the next two weeks – keep an eye out for them! 

My professional side of life is picking up a lot now, with more hours and working towards a promotion! This may affect my blog output, as I have other projects (like short stories, another poetry collection, and a fantasy novel) that I want to work towards publishing.


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