Mye: The World Elsewhere – Part Fourty Five

I’ve had an idea on what these three sirens can represent. Then I had an idea for the relationship between the group and those singers, because of this I have returned to my fourty fourth part and edited a single word. I have changed the word “crash” to “pray”. Doing this clearly seperates the group as spiritual and the sirens as the secular music scene. That is how this story should be read into, as a commentary on the world, and as having spiritual chararcters.

*Sirens One, Two, and Three*

Goblins, come. Goblins come. Goblins come!
We’ll share some, we will share, we’ll share some
Songs we done, that we done, we did done.


Ignore all their lyrics.
They repeat their useless lies.
I have heard they are mimics.
They’re uncreative in their cries.


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