Mye: The World Elsewhere – Part Thirty Seven

Todays post includes yesterdays. I had my second ever drivinh lesson and was either nervous or tired throughout the day, so did not feel I could do justice to the decision that was being mapped out in this piece. There is a rather obvious point towards spiritual matters in this section, so I hope it makes people consider every verse concerning the characters involved as they were written from the start with this in mind.

I have written some more towards The Travelling Man (my upcoming poetry collection) and hope to have it complete by this time next week!


Time for talking is done,
Now the whole group gathers round,
The Bard is their spokesperson,
The trumpet is not his he sounds.

*The Playful Bard*
We wanderers,
We have walked far.
We won’t wait.
This is our choice. Why should we wait?
Have we walked so far to stop?
We carry on,
To save our babes.


Our friend is not playful,
His tune is forlorn and low,
Faith and hope would be useful,
Come, take the seed and let us sow.

Bard, our friend, listen close,
This choice was not ours to make,
That should not leave us morose,
Let us have what is there to take.

Times rise and fall like waves,
But all is within a plan,
Not our own, never ours to have,
Thank goodness, else it would just wain.

Remember where faith lies,
Or rather in whom it is,
We all are kept, long as cries,
Go to him and not unto his.


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