Mye: The World Elsewhere – Part Thirty

After an unplanned hiatus I am finally posting! This week I will be posting three new verses of Mye: The World Elsewhere each day, in an attempt to make up what I have missed. I hope this increase of verses per day adds a bit more understanding to the poem for those who do not follow regularly.

As for my poetry collection The Travelling Man, I am still working on it. I scrapped a whole set of author notes I was writing for it and decided instead to write a longer poem. I hope I can self-publish it on Kindle soon!


Caused by twisted magic,
Fated to grow into beasts,
Snaggled teeth and claws that grip,
Stretching legs, blood eyes, arms that reach.

It was a spell from her,
That forced the change upon them,
It caused their young minds to stir,
Into hate and wish to condemn.

The egg-yolk-brains were whisked,
Beaten with her darkened truths,
And, with dirt filled lies, were kissed,
All were seduced to evil youths.


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