Mye: The World Elsewhere – Part Twenty Eight

I have had to consider the direction of the story as I begin the third chapter. That is why I have taken such a time off.

Chapter Three

*The Narrator*

We sleep here for a night,
Though there is no moon to tell,
The time, nor to shed some light,
Over this, our cavernous shell.

Though the rest of our band,
Lay their heads in deep slumber,
The Goblins misunderstand;
We’re too late to save their number.

Can’t you feel the red eyes?
Watching us from their dark shade,
They wait for us all to lie,
Then they can descend in cascades.

They are what is now left,
Yes, of all the Goblin mites,
Poor things, they’ve been made bereft,
Losing youth to the darkest nights.


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