Poetry Collection Update

I have been quite distracted from the writing and publicising of my first poetry collection, so, finally, here are some details on that.

I suppose I should begin with the obvious. It’s title.

A Traveling Man

It will contain 20 poems (all of which are completed). 10 are revised versions of poems that have been posted on my blogs in the past. The others are newly written specifically for this collection and have not been entered for any competitions – no matter how tempting that might have been! In fact, I wrote a new poem for the Bridport Prize specifically so I would not have to remove one from this.

At this point I am working on the writing surrounding the poems, because I wish it to be a personal and understood piece. I have also spoken with my fiance about giving it illustrations, but with what has been occurring recently that has been put on the back-burners; along with many other things.

I’m afraid I have not settled on the most important issue of all: the price! But I have managed to fix a formatting issue I was struggling with, so that’s good news.

Oh, and of course! I am going to be making a new page which shall include the original versions of the ten poems as found on my blogs, and the titles of the unique poems.

Hope to bring you further news in the future,


17 thoughts on “Poetry Collection Update

          1. Yes.
            Once we start polishing it. We tend to often remove the imprints we left behind. Hence unpoloshed work shows a lot more of the author.
            This is my personal opinion, but I think that polishing in a way makes us editors and publishers more than authors.

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          2. It’s a good job that I’d like to be an editor as well as an author then ;P
            I quite like the editing process. It makes me feel like a stone mason. The toiling quarrymen have brought up a beautiful natural rock and it is my job to carve and smooth it into a new art piece; with human features, personality, and depth of meaning beyond its natural beginnings.
            But I do see what you mean, there is a different kind of beauty in the untouched rock of the original idea.

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          3. They are both equally important skills to have. And as a writer one is their own biggest critic and editor. Loved the way you drew an allegory between the mason and editor! Similar to a painter and an Art curator/collector. They are all facets of the same coin. 😀

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