God Has Dealt Well

I began this hymn when I read my morning devotions. The verse Pastor James Smith chose for the morning of June 2nd is Genesis 32 verse 9 – a promise made to Jacob. I quote this directly as my first line.

Through my short time as a saved Christian I have seen the hand of God at work in different areas of my life. He has clearly closed doors which I should not pass through, placed trials where I should be tested, and given respite and love when I needed it. I am also able to look back and see the many times before I was saved that show God was directing me towards himself. Though had no true faith in him, he had chosen me and was faithful to me. I thank him for his kindness and the great work he has done in my life (and in many others) by saving me.

“I will deal well with thee”,
Thus I know it shall be,
God shall deal well with me.

The God of righteousness,
Stands in full faithfulness,
Showing his graciousness.

Lean on Him entirely,
He will ne’er forsake thee,
You won’t fall to folly.

The God of my father,
Is my help and keeper,
As inclines rise steeper.

Do I dare to lose him?
Simply on fleshes whim?
If done, the world grins.

Yet, if in Christ I stand,
Though I’m in foreign land,
Peace is always at hand.


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