Chasing Wanderlust

A post I wholeheartedly agree with. Take out your headphones. Think on what is happening around you. Don’t run away. Stand and face it. Find the truth in life. Search for peace.
“Seek and ye shall find. Knock and it shall be opened unto you.”

Whilst Sipping Coffee. . .

Wanderlust is the feeling, the unsettling urge, to travel to far off lands, to experience newer things, getting away from the rutt of life.

I personally advocate travelling to everyone. Yet this heightned focus on wanderlust irks me a little. The society we live in has become systematic-atomistic individuals engaged in mechanistic activities. As Karl Marx had famously claimed- Capitalism has Alienated Man.

We are all busy, and rightly so, in making a living. Day in and Day out, like guinea pigs in a laboratory, we keep running, running, running, no where.


Hence the urge to run away.
We have forgotten to see the wonder in things- hence the unsetlling urge to get somewhere else.
Our cities are like cobwebs of concrete and smoke. Yet inbetween those threads of despair, you will find little wonders, if only you keep your eyes open.

For example,
a few days back, an old…

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