Sandstone Or Red Brick For My Walls?

I am fortunate. I have a choice of what I can do with my life. It’s a hard decision to make; with many viable options. There’s writing, business, church work, and many other routes I could walk down. It doesn’t even have to be made now! But I would like to start the journey earlier rather than later, so one day very soon I may be forced to take a step I need to take.

I have a brick wall to build,
The bricks are each one thing done,
It’s hard to work when time’s filled,
To pick, from four quarries, one.

Do I use the sandstone brick,
Or turn my working to red?
Do I use a mortar thick,
Or water it down and spread?

I think that time shall force me,
To pick up my tools and walk,
Down to that sandstone quarry,
And there my claim I shall stake.


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